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It’s Not Easy to Be Green is my hobby. It is not a business, and I have chosen not to monetize it because I don’t want to compromise the integrity of what I write and believe in. One of the biggest part of what it means for me to be green[ish] is to consume less, and that philosophy is at odds with most advertising and product reviews. I will only promote your company, product, or page if I am 100% behind what you do and genuinely believe you are making the world a better place. You can contact me at noteasy2begreen at gmail dot com.

Guest Blog Policy:

If you work for a company that wants to write a guest post for links or exposure, I’m not interested.  Please don’t email me. Guest posts on It’s Not Easy to Be Green are almost always by invitation.  That’s the way it works around here. However, if you are a scientist, educator, farmer, conservationist, non-profit, or community crusader in the trenches, I will be happy to consider your request. The issues are complex, and I appreciate different perspectives.

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  1. Good for you.


  2. If you or any of your readers know about any restaurants doing good things for sustainability I’d love to pass along some info. Hello Allie,

    I work for the NRA Show (National Restaurant Association) and one of our big features is the Operator Innovations Awards. One of the five categories sustainability, and I was thinking that many of your visitors no doubt frequent green restaurants, while a few might be operators themselves. Restaurants can be nominated or nominate themselves and we want to know about anyone doing interesting things in sustainability. It’s totally free.

    Here’s a link if you want to know more:




    • Hello Editor,

      My name is Darren Schiff], and I have been following your blog. I specifically enjoy all the posts. We have a common ground, so would you consider offering your point of view on our products?

      I work for Nature Unleashed, which is a new company that launched July 10th, 2014. Our flagship brand is our Anolyte product line, an all natural, safe line of disinfecting, cleansing, deodorizing, first aid and personal care products…. strong enough to clean your toilet brush, yet safe and gentle enough to clean your toothbrush!

      I’ve attached our digital press kit, and you can also visit us at I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you further to learn more about how we can potentially partner to drive our common passion.

      Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


  3. Posted by Marie Lehnhardt on 06/30/2013 at 18:52

    Hey, I love your blog and thought I would share this product I found with you! Its called a CRESBI crate and it has seriously changed the way I grocery shop! The problem with reusable bags is that they tear really easily and I don’t know what to do with them once they are torn. I gave up bags altogether and use a “box” instead. CRESBI crates are light plastic crates just for grocery shopping and they really do work. they
    stack, collapse, are dishwasher safe plus they also hold more than most bags. I save time too since I open the crates as I shop and turn barcodes up on myitems as I put them in the crates. Then the checker scans my items in each crate with their handheld scanner and hands the crates back to me! Checkers tell me they love this because it increases their scans per minute/baggers because they’re not reaching into dark murky reusable bags that flop around which i never liked anyway. I use different colors for food – red for meat, green for veggies, so everythings all sorted when i get home. I found them at Definitely cost more but worth it to me to not have to mess with bags at all and to be able to take control over how my stuff gets packed. Plus they will last way longer than the cheap reusable bags. I can’t say enough about them, if everyone used these there’d be no lines at the checkout and no paper, plastic or bag debate at all. You should definitely check them out–I really think you would like them!


  4. Great initiative you are taking here. We have been following your blog closely since we are also a company about green environment and do our best to ensure that our services are doing the least harm possible on the environment.

    Anyways, keep it up and thanks for spreading the message!


  5. Hmm. Well can a community crusader in the trenches also be an entrepreneur that is creating a business to help heal and protect the ocean for future generations. If so we’d love to talk with you about this project. It’s already been funded so this is not a solicitation per se. I’d like to get your thoughts on the project:


  6. Hi Jennifer, nice to meet you!

    I’m not trying to solicit you here, but I’m the founder of a website called, “Video Chatrooms Without Creeps”, and I think you might be interested to know that Camconnect has a “Green Conscious” video chatroom.

    Camconnect just launched, so I’d love to hear your opinion of the “Green Conscious” room, good or bad!

    I hope to talk to you soon!
    Tyler Gopen


  7. The way you have managed this blog is commendable.
    It’s far away from the commercialization most other blogs are engulfed in.
    Keep up the good work.

    Deepika K


  8. Hello,

    My name is Marlon I head up partner outreach here at uSell, a marketplaace where people can sell or recycle their used electronic devices. Our company was built on the notion that e-waste is becoming a huge problem in today’s society, especially overseas where it causes serious health and pollution problems.

    I’m interested in partnering up with you on either a content piece or a CPA so that we can raise awareness on the matter. Jennifer, our in-house editor has many bits on greener living on our blog:

    Please reach out and let me know if you would like to discuss further.



  9. I am an advocate for green living and have made it my business because I am so passionate about it. Love to see that people like you exist and just wanted to let you know that if you ever need any help with the blog feel free to e-mail mail. My expertise lies in the cell phone/gadgets sector.

    Thanks for all that you are doing,



  10. Help support The Wrong Side-Out and their mission for a truly sustainable clothing line all while getting some Awesome Rewards! The campaign ends July 31,2014 so act now to help us reach our goal!
    Help spread the word!


  11. Jennifer,

    Great job in the blog. I wanted you to be aware of our company. We purchase cell phones nationwide and keep them out of landfills. No matter how green you and your readers are, the chances are high that everyone has a cell phone.

    Our company lets you sell back your cell phone and re recycle or reuse them. Everyone can get cash for being green. To find out how much your cell phone is worth go to


  12. Hello, I love your posts. I am part of a non profit organisation based in Berlin,Germany. We campaign for various social causes and raise awareness. Like in year 2012 and 2014 our team bicycled and hitchhiked from Germany to India to raise awareness and funds to build sustainable toilets for some rural areas in India.
    We were wondering if you could write guest post for us. here is link to our website :


  13. Posted by Vignesh Thiruvengadam on 04/30/2020 at 05:55


    My name is Vignesh. I am writing on behalf of Greenhaven Publishing, an educational publishing company with limited print-runs.

    Greenhaven is producing a series titled Current Controversies which addresses controversial issues in contemporary society. Each book in the series explores a specific topic by presenting articles from a wide variety of sources, exposing readers to a range of views and promoting critical thinking about and analysis of topics that directly affect their lives and the larger society around them. These books are designed to provide students with multiple viewpoints so that they can develop their own opinion on the topics.

    We would like to request permission to use the below specified article in one of the books in this series, titled “Fossil Fuel Industries and the Green Economy “. This title examines opinions from governments, policy makers, special interest groups, academics, and journalists on the subject of “Fossil Fuel Industries and the Green Economy”.

    “”The 8 Reasons We Don’t Go Green”, by Jennifer, It’s Not Easy to Be Green, September 19, 2011.,

    We are requesting non-exclusive world rights to use this material in the English language and for all editions and formats, including print and electronic. Your permission will in no way restrict republication and/or continued use of the material in any other form by you or by others authorized by you. This publication will be a limited print run of 2000 copies.

    Could you please let me know how to secure permissions?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!



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